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Daniel Armstrong

The Dream Mentor | Author | Motivational Speaker

Behind Every Success Story Is A Dreamer.

For over 20 years, I have been impacting the lives of corporate executives, educators, students, and at-risk youth through my world-renowned Find A Tree program.


Life-Changing Program

The Find A Tree program is a motivational and empowerment program dedicated to fostering a world of dreamers and doers who believe that they are the architects of their own success. The program engages both youth and adults, helping them to identify their aspirations, recognize their potential, and actualize their life goals.


Serving as a support structure for teachers and administrators, Find A Tree brings a new approach to youth development by helping students to identify and actualize their dreams, and by connecting their dreams to academics and initiative.



The Find A Tree Program recognizes the importance of confidence building, forward thinking, and team morale when it comes to building healthy and successful corporate cultures. The program emphasizes the development of individuals as the assets who forge overall organizational growth.



The Find A Tree Program helps youth, from children to young adults, to identify their interests, discover their passions, and actualize their dreams by giving them the tools and motivation to unlock their potential.



With a step-by-step, solution-based approach to empowerment, Find A Tree fosters personal and professional growth to help adults overcome challenges and maximize their achievements.


Life-Changing Speaker

Attendees will be motivated and empowered to act on their dreams. They will have the mindset and strategies to take initiative, overcome obstacles, and create opportunities in order to make their dreams a reality.


A New Approach to Accomplishing Goals

Develop Consistent  Success Habits

Build Better Relationships And Stronger Teams

Increase Efficiency And Productivity

Improve Morale and Self-Confidence

“As someone who has known Daniel Armstrong for nearly 40 years, I can think of no one better to inspire people of all ages to follow their dreams and achieve their goals.”

Michael Massimino

Former NASA Astronaut
New York, New York

“Daniel Armstrong opened our eyes, not just to the terrible injustices and brutality of apartheid in South Africa, but to the idea that we, as college students, thousands of miles away, could play a direct role in building pressure for a solution. Daniel went beyond consciousness-raising. He got us to act, and the job got done. History was made, that’s no exaggeration.”

Steve Greenfield

Columbia University
New York, New York

“Daniel Armstrong’s presentation is unbelievable… very inspirational.”

Byron Scott

Three-time NBA World Champion
Los Angeles Lakers and Head Coach
Los Angeles, California

“Daniel Armstrong is one of those truly gifted motivational speakers who is a role model for our students. He has walked his talk and is especially valuable in inspiring our students…to make a positive difference in the world.”

Elizabeth J. McGregor

Associate Head of School
The Buckley School
Sherman Oaks, California

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