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Daniel recognizes the importance of confidence building, forward thinking, and team morale when it comes to building healthy and successful corporate cultures. The Find A Tree Corporate program emphasizes the development of individuals as the assets who forge overall organizational growth.


A motivated workforce will deliver the results your customers demand.

Corporate Excellence

Turn Team Members Into Business Builders and Culture Contributors

There is an unfortunate bottom line that businesses have to face: your staff is probably unhappy and under performing.  Forbes magazine research showed that 70% of employees hate their jobs, while a Fast Company study found that 64% of employees are disengaged. 

Daniel Armstrong recognizes that a motivated workforce is vital to delivering the results your customers demand. His Find A Tree program emphasizes the development of individuals as the assets who forge the overall growth of organizations. 

For corporate clients, Daniel begins by assisting participants in identifying their goals, interests, and talents, then building an action plan with practical steps to help them bring their dreams to life. The outcome of the plan’s implementation is a reinvigorated staff with more positive outlooks, greater appreciation for their work, and markedly improved emotional and social well-being.

➤ Interactive Workshops
➤ Team-Building Exercises
➤ Management Training
➤ Small or Large Sessions
➤ Individual Coaching
➤ Zoom or In-Person Options
○ Build Morale ○ Promote Teamwork ○ Increase Productivity ○ Heighten Employee Satisfaction & Retention ○

Aaron Batts

Product Presentation Specialist
Nike West Coast Headquarters
Culver City, California

“Daniel Armstrong’s Find A Tree workshop inspired me to stop making excuses and to pursue my dreams today, to be a better team player and to become the catalyst to my own success.”

Celeste M. Alleyne

Director, Citizenship and Public Affairs West Region & US YouthSpark and Education Lead
Microsoft Corporation
Los Angeles, California  

"Daniel Armstrong’s presentation and out of the box thinking was just what our team needed.”

Find A Tree motivates and engages employees while building meaningful, purposeful relationships.

“By helping individuals to achieve their dreams, we unleash the full force of the world’s most powerful resource: human potential.”

Laurene Powell Jobs

Businesswoman, Philanthropist, and Widow of Steve Jobs

“Find A Tree brings everyone together. It gets you to know everyone better. It impacts the work environment in a positive way. It’s an excellent team-building strategy!”

Yolanda Dodd-Lyons

Employment Program Manager
California Employment Development Department
Canogo Park, California

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