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Ideal For Friends, Co-Workers, Or Organizational Colleagues

Share the journey of making your dream a reality with friends. Maybe it is a “bucket-list” activity, a new business, a career change, a passion, or making a difference in the world, Daniel will guide and inspire participants to move past dreaming to doing. Participants will bond and build meaningful, purposeful relationships while helping each pursue their dreams.

For Small Group Rates


Fees Do Not Include Books And Materials.


Workshop With Daniel Armstrong

Daniel will give a motivational and empowering talk on “How to Live Your Dream.” Afterward, participants will discuss their dreams in small groups, followed by selected audience members receiving direct coaching from Daniel on how to overcome obstacles, attract resources and opportunities, and take immediate steps on their dreams. Participants will learn the mindset and the tools to make their dream a reality. Audience members will bond and build meaningful, purposeful relationships.

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Fees Do Not Include Books And Materials.


Motivational Presentation With Daniel Armstrong

Attendees will be motivated and empowered to take action on their dreams. They will have the mindset and strategies to overcome obstacles, to lead, and to make their dreams a reality. In addition to a 30-minute “How to Live Your Dream” presentation, optional segments include the following:

1. Introductory video

2. “In the Ring with Daniel Armstrong”
Audience volunteers share their dreams with Daniel, and he shows volunteers how to get started immediately on their dreams. Daniel “knocks out” excuses as he shows participants how to make immediate progress  on their dreams.

3. Question & Answer period

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