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How To Live Your Dreams

Find a Tree and Get Started
  • A Practical Blueprint for Personal and Professional Growth
  • Lessons That Jump Off the Pages to Spark Real Life Change
  • Thoughtful Exercises That Transition Readers from Dreamers to Doers
  • A Powerful Journey of Self-Discovery and Progress
  • The Best Chapter Is Unwritten – It’s Where You Pursue Your Dreams

A how-to book that begins with the questions: "What is your dream and what can you do to reach it?” Renowned motivational speaker and dream coach Daniel Armstrong provides a step-by-step model for self-empowerment, going beyond simple encouragement and into active guidance – inspiring readers to overcome obstacles in pursuit of their dreams. Own the book and get started today!

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Live Your Dreams Now 

READ About It! WRITE About It! And Do Something!
  • Specially designed for children ages 10 to 14
  • Grounded on the principle of positive reinforcement from beginning to end
  • Clear takeaways that are easy to comprehend and apply in real life
  • Packed with valuable life lessons to help foster healthy emotional development

Live Your Dreams Now is an inspiring youth workbook written by accomplished dream coach Daniel Armstrong. It combines vivid anecdotes and practical exercises to create an interactive journey, wherein readers learn valuable lessons about resilience, perseverance, self-reliance, and resourcefulness. Order your child’s copy today!

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Unlock Students’ Potential 

A Blueprint For Transforming America’s Schools
  • Parents Who Want to Help Their Children Live Their Dreams
  • Teachers Who Are Champions of Change
  • Guidance Counselors Seeking New Motivation Techniques
  • Mentors looking to become more influential in the lives of others
  • Coaches dedicated to instilling the champion mindset in their teams

Daniel Armstrong shares the systematic approach of his internationally acclaimed Find A Tree empowerment program to provide role models with a proven formula for motivating and mentoring youth of all ages to maximize their achievements. The book is clear, concise, interactive, practical, and actionable. Get yours now!

Free South Africa 

The Columbia University Divestment Movement:
A Personal Perspective

  • A timely and powerful reflection on activism, leadership, and the power of getting started
  • Firsthand insight into an era-defining movement for youth in the 1980’s
  • A testament to how one person can spark a movement and help change the world

Former student-athlete and founder of the Coalition for a Free South Africa at Columbia University Daniel Armstrong chronicles his involvement and the events that led up to the university’s decision to divest funds from corporations with operations in South Africa’s apartheid. This story is one of initiative, resilience, and commitment to a noble cause. Get the whole story!

Life Skills & Leadership Curriculum

  • A thoughtful resource designed to help students develop valuable life skills
  • Lessons on time and resource management, human relations, and public speaking
  • Solution-oriented with an emphasis on practical problem-solving techniques
  • A powerful tool to help young people prepare for the real world

The purpose of the Find A Tree curriculum is to provide students with the life skills to make their career dreams a reality. Additionally, the Find A Tree program will produce students who are self-empowered, motivated, proactive, and who take ownership of their education and career. Through the Find A Tree program, students learn how to produce results and not excuses, despite obstacles and challenges they may face. In addition to identifying and pursuing career and academic goals, students learn the following skills: time management, resource building, human relations, and public speaking. This curriculum is based on Daniel Armstrong’s book How to Live Your Dreams: Find a Tree and Get Started.

Find A Tree In A Nutshell

From Dreamers to Doers
  • A quick and concise guide designed to foster growth and development
  • Offers a roadmap for life planning and tools for overcoming adversity
  • Easy takeaways to help with confidence-building and self-awareness

An abridged version of Daniel Armstrong’s How To Live Your Dreams the 2002 literary release that became touted by educators, corporate executives, sports figures, and community leaders alike. Whether you’re looking to change careers, further your education, start a creative endeavor, or have a more meaningful life, this booklet will give you the tools you need to get into motion and make it happen.  Get yours – get started!

“Everyone in education and those concerned about our youth should read Unlock Students’ Potential!

Arlene Aginouye

Speech/Language Specialist
Los Angeles Unified School District
Los Angeles, California

“I am thrilled with the Find A Tree book. It is wonderful! And full of inspiration. This is stuff of changing lives!”

Jacqui Ahrends

Community Service Coordinator
St. Cyprian Girls’ School
Cape Town, South Africa

"Reading Find A Tree inspired me to find my own tree and to continue realizing and pursuing my own dreams!"

Stuart Troy

Sydney, Australia

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