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With a step-by-step, solution-based approach to empowerment, Daniel Armstrong fosters personal and professional growth to help adults overcome challenges and maximize their achievements.

Personal Development

Pursue Your Purpose

In 2020, a study referenced in an NBC news segment indicated that Americans were the unhappiest they have been in 50 years. It’s time, then, that both young professionals and experienced adults alike do some serious reflecting on what their dreams are, and what they’re doing to make them a reality. With a step-by-step, solution-based approach to empowerment, Daniel Armstrong’s Find A Tree program fosters personal and professional growth in adults, helping them overcome challenges and maximize their potential. 

The process begins by identifying your dream and then analyzing your strengths, areas for improvement, interests, and hidden talents. From there, you’ll learn how to organize your time and resources, develop effective habits, approach problems with a solution-oriented mindset, and act with greater urgency and consistency to deliver ideal outcomes. 

It’s a transformative journey, and ten years from now, you’ll celebrate the day you made the choice to pursue something greater ─ whether it be happiness, financial freedom, a creative endeavor, or some other calling. So why wait? Get started today and experience the same progress that thousands of other people like you have had in working with Daniel!

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Why Wait?


Watch the program in action as Daniel Armstrong leads a motivational workshop for professionals, delivering a powerful lesson about the importance of urgency. Daniel guides her to look beyond challenges to unveil opportunities ─ in doing so, she recognizes how her dream can be transformed into a reality.

How To Live Your Dream

Find a Tree And Get Started

A how-to book that begins with "what": What isyour dream, and what can you do to reach it? Renowned motivational speaker and dream coach Daniel Armstrong provides a step-by-step model for self-empowerment, extending beyond simple encouragement and into active guidance, inspiring readers to overcome obstacles in pursuit of their dreams.

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What’s Your Dream?


The Find A Tree program begins with connections —understanding yourself, your life's journey, and your gifts, interests, and talents in order to help you organize and align them toward your dream’s actualization. Next, you'll be guided in the process of developing a course of action; you will be able to take action immediately, as Find A Tree consistently emphasizes the importance of forging forward today, rather than waiting.

“Using the tools and lessons Daniel taught me, I have started companies, non-profits, and manage significant amounts of money at J.P. Morgan.”

Matthew Fournier

The Fournier Group
Los Angeles, California

“Daniel coaches from a point of strength. He believes that everyone has a strength, something they are good at, and after finding that strength he builds on it. His Find A Tree program is truly a step-by-step guide to recognize a dream and making it a reality.”

Dr. Sharona Cohen

Marriage and Family Therapist
Los Angeles, California

“Being a retired NBA player, I can attest to the fact that focused thought and planning must go into deciding the next step you take after the NBA. Daniel Armstrong would be a valuable asset to any program that has a goal of motivating and encouraging NBA players to believe that they can have more than one dream and their goals can be realized as long as they diligently and persistently pursue them with excellence and purpose.”

Darrick Martin

Los Angeles, California

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