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Daniel Armstrong Live:
Inspiring On Purpose

From assemblies to corporate retreats, Daniel Armstrong has been touted as a charismatic, energetic, and highly engaging presenter who has the unique ability to connect with audiences of all types. His approach to presentations is grounded in the idea that all guests have one thing in common: each one has a deeply rooted dream to achieve something special in their lives. With this, the standard foundation for every presentation is a 30-minute motivational session on “How to Live Your Dream," where Daniel shares his personal success story and inspires audiences to pursue their own dreams.

For interactive workshops, supplemental presentation segments are tailored to client goals and the audience type, with the most popular being:

● "In The Ring with Daniel Armstrong"
In this segment, audience volunteers share their dreams with Daniel and go through a live exercise to identify obstacles and work through ways to effectively navigate them.
● Question & Answer Period
A no-nonsense, rapid-fire exercise that promotes problem-solving skills and resourcefulness in participants.
● Keynote Speaking
● Festivals and Special Events
● Business Summits
● School Assemblies
● Community Meetings
● Pre-Recorded or Live
● Zoom or In-Person Options
○ Ignite Passion ○ Build Enthusiasm ○ Promote Interaction ○ Inspire Transformation ○

“Daniel listened and absorbed what the person’s dreams was and where they wanted to go. Every obstacle the person was throwing up he was able to bat down through a series of questions, ideas, and concepts.”

Jim McGrann

VSP Vision Care
Sacramento, California

“Many of the adults felt that they needed to go find their own tree. Daniel’s presentation stirred up thoughts of latent dreams.”

Olivia Patterson

Inglewood Rotary Club
Inglewood, California

“Daniel seems to have a gift for being able to connect with students and rekindle their interest to moving ahead with their lives. It is an inspiring process to witness.”

Phoebe MacAdams Ozuma

Los Angeles Unified School District
Los Angeles, California

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