Youth Program Level 2

AGE RANGE: 15–24 Year Olds

What are you going to study in college? I don't know. Why are you going to college? ...because I'm supposed to?

Move Potential To Productivity

In 2020, Time magazine published anarticle that declared, “The movement to reform America’s education system isdead because every strategy imposed on the nation’s schools failed.” These issues have been seemingly compounded by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic,as it’s been reported by outlets ranging from CBS to the Washington Post, that students have been struggling both academically and emotionally. 

This cannot be a norm that America accepts. As a trusted voice and thought leader to school districts, youth groups, sports teams, and parent associations, Daniel has spent over 20 years working to empower young people to actively and passionately shape their futures. 

With programming built on 19 Find A Tree Principles that include “Identify Your Passion,” “Nurture Your Dream With Knowledge,” “Build The Trust Of Others,” and “Create Opportunities Through Service,” Daniel effectively shapes values, promotes responsibility, and provides the psychological tools and life skills students need to succeed. The endorsements of his program are a testament to its efficacy, but the smiling faces, higher attendance, and increased graduation rates that result from his work are evidence of its life-changing impact.

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○ Improve Academic Performance ○ Nurture Talent & Life Passion ○ Promote Confidence & Self-Awareness ○

Schools today teach students to go college, but they don't necessarily teach them how to achieve their dreams or how to discover and use their talents.

When graduating high school many teens know they should go to college, but don't know what career they wish to go into. This is a fundamental problem thatis plaguing many high school and college graduates.

How To Live Your Dream

Find a Tree And Get Started

A how-to book that begins with "what": What is your dream and what can you do to reach it? Renowned motivational speaker and dream coach, Daniel Armstrong provides a step-by-step model forself-empowerment, extending beyond simple encouragement into active guidance, inspiring readers to overcome obstacles in pursuit of their dreams.

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The Find A Tree Principles

1. Identify What You Are Passionate About — Your Interests, Talents, and Gifts
2. Determine Your Dream: Find a Tree and Get Started
3. Explore Life
4. Nurture Your Dream with Knowledge
5. Empower Yourself
6. Be Willing to March into Hell
7. Build the Trust of Others
8. Embrace Struggle
9. Sometimes You Just Have to Have Faith
10. Create Opportunities through Service
11. Value People
12. Plan, Prioritize, and Manage Your Time
13. Distinguish Yourself with Excellence
14. Understand the Process: From a Seed to a Tree
15. Tap Into Your Creative Genius
16. You Will Achieve What You Expect and Try For
17. Lead Yourself
18. Start a Business
19. Work in Harmony with Universal Law (There is No Santa Claus)

“Find A Tree helps students find themselves, their dream, and connect with school. Find A Tree is the starting line to the greatest goal in life: the achievement of living your dream.”

Angel Jimenez

Find A Tree program graduate
Roosevelt High School
Los Angeles, California

“Find A Tree is a step-by-step dream building curriculum that gives its participants a concrete plan for living their dream.”

Walter Hull

Center Director
U.S. Dream Academy
Houston, Texas

“Mr. Armstrong completely opened my world view and changed that focus. My goals are no longer about me but about helping others who can't help themselves. For that I owe Daniel Armstrong a huge debt of gratitude because my life is so much richer.”

Gaby Wilkerson

10th Grade
The Buckley School
Sherman Oaks, California

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